3 Must-Know Tips When Applying Artificial Nails

Finding the perfect nail design is no walk in the park as many nail specialists can attest. You might have to play around with multiple designs before you see one that fits the shape of your nails and accentuates your personality. Sometimes, keeping natural nails might not work for everyone. For example, some take an eternity to grow while others are plagued by poor health that is characterised by constant breakage and thinness. Artificial nails are a viable alternative for people who are looking for a perfect set of long nails. This article reviews some beauty school tips to help beginners make a wise decision when applying artificial nails.

How to Know If Synthetic Nails Are for You -- If you do not have the patience to wait for your natural nails to achieve the desired length, then you should consider artificial nails. Due to their length, artificial nails are glued to natural nails before being polished using acrylic. The end product is a perfect set of sculpted nails. Therefore, if you want to try something new with your nails, then step into a nail salon for acrylic nails.

Let the Pros Do It for You -- Applying acrylic to your nails is an art and science that calls for some level of professional training. First, the process of gluing artificial nails with a special adhesive requires some skills that no layperson can master. For example, you need to get the correct ratio of acrylic liquid to powder. Second, during the treatment, precaution should be taken to prevent infections. Third, the range of products needed to complete the application of artificial nails by a layperson can be quite expensive when compared to getting the treatment at a nail specialist where economies of scale apply. Evidently, doing nails on your own might not be the best idea after all.

Understand Length and Form -- When you want to apply artificial nails, you have to choose from a range of nail shapes depending on your taste and preference. You can search for the trending shapes before going to a salon. A nail technician will start with long nails and cut them into your desired shape and length. Remember that artificial nails should look natural as much as possible, and thus, if you think that the nails seem somewhat unnatural, have them trimmed a little bit. A rule of thumb is to try texting on your phone when the nails are being attached. If you have trouble using your phone, then that is your cue for cutting the nails down.  

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