3 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Package Offers for Your Spa Business

Have you recently opened the doors of your new spa to the public; but, there are no signs of the business breaking even within the projected time frame? You can employ different strategies to reverse the trend, but most spa business owners turn to special offers when performance stutters. Due to fierce competition in the beauty and fashion industry, players prefer offers as an effective marketing tool, and rightly so. Promotions can turn around the performance of your spa business, but only if implemented strategically. This article highlights mistakes you should avoid when setting spa packages for clients. 

Using Rival Offers -- One of the worst mistakes you can make in the spa business is to imitate your competitors concerning the setting of packages. For instance, a competing spa might source cheap beauty products that create room for the lowering of rates on packages, thereby increasing the flow of clients. However, since you are not privy to the competitor's strategy, copying their offer package without adjusting for differing product costs would be catastrophic for your business. You should formulate spa packages for your spa business that are unique to your business needs.

Using Stringent Spa Loyalty Programs -- If your spa is high end, then it is okay to charge a premium for services offered.  Although your customers might have deep pockets, they would love it if rates of the most expensive packages were made affordable, for instance, through a loyalty program. A spa loyalty program allows clients to collect and redeem points for a package of their choice. However, most spas make the reward redemption process stringent, which clients dislike. For example, asking customers to provide their physical address when redeeming spa loyalty points is too much. It is essential to make a redemption process flexible so that a client can transfer rewards to a friend or family member. Additionally, redemption should be smooth and straightforward to encourage participation of clients.

Training Only Front Office Staff on Available Offers -- Spa-goers usually get information on offer packages from a front office desk. For this reason, some spas will teach only the front office staff about spa packages on offer. However, the strategy might backfire because the front office employees might not always be around. You should ensure that every employee is made aware of offers available to avoid losing business. Notably, employees are the best form of advertisement though referrals and brand promotion.

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